What kind of windshield washer fluids do planes use?

The topic is very interesting because most people don’t know that airplanes also use windshield washer fluids to clear the view of the windshield. Everybody is aware of the windshield washer fluids that we usually use in our vehicles but nobody knows that what kind of fluids are used to wash the windshield in the planes.

So, in today’s article, we are going to provide you the answer to this complicated question. Of course, planes also use the windshield washers to provide a clear view to the pilots. This may bring a question to your mind that why do pilots need to check the windshield while everything is available on the screen that is mounted in front of them.

The question is valid but the pilots need to check the windshield to keep an eye on the objects that are passing in front of them. The screen doesn’t provide them the complete view of the things that are moving around them. With windshield, they can even rotate their neck to see the objects that are coming around.

Therefore, a clear view of the windshield is extremely important for the pilots. The fluids that we usually use in our vehicles are different than the fluids that are used on the planes because the windshield of a plane is different than our vehicles. So, in order to wash that material, a powerful fluid is used.

You can easily find best windshield washer fluids for your car but if you are looking to find a windshield washer that is used on the planes, then you would have to conduct a lot of research to find one. However, here are the different kinds of windshield washer fluids that are used in the planes.

Prestone AS257 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid

This windshield washer fluid was initially introduced for the cars but with the passage of time, it went through different stages. And now it is being used on the planes. There is no doubt that the fluid is also available for the cars but there is a very big difference of quality. The fluid that is used for the cars is light while the one that is used in the planes is not only thicker but also has better ingredients in it.

Einszett Kristal Klar Washer Fluid

This company is also making the windshield washer fluid for both cars and planes but the fluid that is made for the planes is not available locally and it is only delivered to the specific suppliers. They focus on providing extreme quality material. You can analyze the standard of their quality by using the fluid that is prepared for the cars. Most of the aircraft companies purchase this windshield washer fluid as it provides them better results as compared to others.