DIY Tips and Tools to Fix Common Minor Plane Issues

Since the early days of aviation, people have pioneered the way for making flight possible. When taking care of your own plane, there are several common minor plane issues that can be bigger problems down the road.

Here are the best DIY tips and tools to fix common minor plane issues, for you to be able to keep your plane up to speed.

DIY Decorative Coating

One of the most common minor plane issues is the wearing down of the paint on the inside and outside of the aircraft. Each model and make have various specifications about the type of coating you can use.

Check the service manual as well as a trusted paint shop that can guide you to make the right choices about fixing the coating. With simple paintbrushes and the right paint, your aircraft can increase in value and performance.

Taking Care of Spark Plugs

Cleaning and replacing spark plugs and setting spark plug clearance requires a certain set of DIY tools before you attempt the minor repair. The tools allow for you to loosen and tighten the needed bolts to remove and replace the spark plugs.

Keep in mind that carbon can build up on the end of the threads, which can make it difficult to loosen and remove the spark plug. Avoid using an impact wrench, as it may lead to the plug snapping off unexpectedly.

The safest way is to run the engine of the plane until the cylinder head temperature meets its operating range. From there, you should be able to safely loosen the spark plug from the high-heat cylinder after you shut down the engine.

Read the manual instructions before attempting the process. Have all the proper tools in place beforehand, like the torque wrench, and know the plug rotation sequence.

Battery Replacement

One of the most common minor plane issues is replace the battery. Each make and model has a specific approved battery that it needs, which is important to know before making a purchase for a DIY fix.

Prevent Common Issues

Taking care of common minor plane issues is more about preventing your plane from deteriorating. Visiting a mechanic can be costly, which is why most people want to learn how to fix minor issues themselves.

Consult the manual of your make and model before attempting projects with specified tools and DIY methods. Keeping in line with plane regulations, your aircraft can continue to fly the skies under your care.