F-16s Over The Aegean

2004, CodeOne Magazine (vol.19 No.2) visits 111 Battle Wing. Photos Katsuhiko Tokunaga, text by Eric Hehs.

Keraunos, Greek for lightning, refers to the thunderbolts flung by Zeus, the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and overseer of the pantheon of gods who reside there. The Hellenic Air Force attaches the appellation to its 330 squadron at Nea Anchialos AB. The 330 Keraunos squadron proudly identifies itself as Greece’s first F-16 squadron. The unit celebrated fifteen years in its fighting falcons in January 2004.

The 330th has three sister squadrons at Nea Anchialos, 346 Squadron (Jason, after the mythical Argonaut who searched for the Golden Fleece), 341 Squadron (Assos, Greek for Ace), and the 347 Squadron (Perseus, who cut the head off the Gorgon Medusa in Greek mythology). The 330th flies Block 30 F-16s and performs air defense missions. The 346th, an F-16 training unit, operates two-seat Block 30 F-16Ds borrowed from the 330th. The 341st flies Block 50 F-16s in the suppression of enemy air defense, or SEAD, role. All three squadrons fall under the 111 Wing of the Hellenic Air Force.

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